It does sound ridiculous to say Yoga saved my life, but it truly how I feel. I had dabbled in Yoga at gyms a long time ago but had never totally engaged in the practice. I took advantage of the new client offer at Thaxted Yoga.
As soon as I opened the door to the studio I was totally blown away. The space, the smell, the feel was breath taking , the fellow yogis so welcoming too. I felt amazing before I had even attempted my first downward dog !! After a wonderful practice of Hatha Yoga with Casey I felt rejuvenated and rather fuzzy with , what I can only describe as love, I knew I had finally engaged.

That was a while back and it just gets more and more wonderful! My practice is improving and the studio is organically growing too!

Tuesday I arrived in, not for the first time, a distressed state. The new coffee snug was full and I was instantly hugged, listened to and sympathised with. It was just what I needed. I went on to have a great practice , then curled up on the sofa in the snug with a coffee and a chat with everyone. I actually didn’t want to leave ( to go to counselling ) I actually think I had all the counselling I needed right there. Thaxted Yoga – I adore you – you have literally saved my life.

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