I came to Thaxted Yoga over a year ago using the ‘Taster Class’ offer to try Andy’s vinyasa class. I didn’t know much about yoga before coming to class, but was open minded, and after some difficult times in life was hoping it could help me in some way find more peace within my mind and body, and generally in life. Right from the first class I realised yoga was far more than a physical practice, and it was the start of finding something that was going to have a huge impact on how I live and feel in my day to day life.

Casey has created such a beautiful, calm space in the studio. And the studio looks out over stunning open countryside. This space really helped calm any anxiety as a complete beginner stepping into the studio for the first time.

A year on, having been regularly going to a few classes a week at Thaxted Yoga, I’ve learnt about many aspects of yoga, not only the physical practice that people usually think of as yoga, but also breath work, meditation and yoga philosophy. Yoga has had a huge impact on my life. It’s changed the way I act and react, especially in life’s difficult times that inevitably come along. It has definitely helped me feel more calm and peace in my mind and body. And probably the biggest change is to be able to let go of judging myself and be able to love myself, such a hard thing to do!

If you’re thinking about trying Thaxted Yoga, just do it and come along. It’s the most lovely welcoming environment and in every class there’s a real mix of people. Try as many different classes as you can as they are all different, as are the teachers, and there will be something there that will connect with you. And from personal experience, the more regularly you can get to class, especially at the start, the bigger changes you will see and you’ll never look back.

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