After several years of a long driving commute I was left with a very painful hip bursitis which caused an excruciating sharp pain every time I stood up or walked. Running became too painful and I eventually had to give up jogging, something I loved.

I was referred to a specialist, visited several physiotherapist and spent months doing rehab exercises. I also tried Pilates and a yoga class in a neighbouring town. Nothing worked and the only option I was left with was the prospect of a periodical corticosteroid injection on my hip which I was not keen on having.

I enrolled Casey’s class a few months after she opened Thaxted Yoga studio in order to keep fit. To my surprise, after a few months, the sharp pain in my hip was gone and I could walk without pain. I started running regularly again and soon I was doing a 10k charity run completely pain free, to my utter amazement. Thank you so much Casey!

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