I always wanted to practice yoga but when I was younger I was too busy having a career (and not a life!) in my native Mexico. 18 years ago I came to England and was still busy concentrating on my career and commuting into London 5 days a week but I tried to fit in a yoga class in London or in Thaxted within my 12 hour day. But getting to such classes became too stressful so I sadly had to give up. I was a successful career woman in the city but I was not happy and was not very healthy either, so almost four years ago I decided to retire and be happy.

It was a few months later when I found out about Thaxted Yoga when they moved from The Guildhall to a small studio in Thaxted. I could not believe my luck as I now had this within walking distance! I became a regular student and now I practice yoga everyday and everywhere I go, I try to find a yoga class (they really are easier to find than I used to think!). I have never felt better nor happier and although I may never be able to do a shoulder stand (unassisted), yoga has taught to accept that and the fact that I can put my legs on the wall and get the same benefits. I have met wonderful people through Thaxted Yoga which has always been a beautiful, safe space and I tell this to anyone who would listen. Thank you Casey and all the incredible teachers for your knowledge, love and care!

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